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Terms and Conditions

Privacy policy

All your info - billing, email, mobile phone number, etc - will be not disclose to anyone other than me. I will ask permission first to disclose your username if I want to post the finished commission to online.


I'm still new in art commission business and kindly hope we can do this right. Please support me.


We should at least communicate in text format. I only can communicate in Malay and English as second alternative.

You can either email me, or DM/chat with me in my social media account listed at the top of your screen.


With my drawing skill, I'm trying my best to fulfil your request. Please do not expect too much, but you can at least sneak peek some of my standard artworks product through my DeviantArt so you can predict how your demand gonna be:


I will decide after I got mostly the commission information. It can be 3 to 7 days for single request. This deadline may be change according to the my schedule.

WIP update

I will keep you update for the work in progress through mostly by email. But if you prefer DM/Chat using social media, let me know.

Deposit & Refund

As so many suggestion for safety reason, I will put half of the real commission price for deposit pay if you are using the payment methods other than Shopee. Deposit will be not refundable after cancelation mid progress of the commission. Same goes with full payment, I will refund only half of the paid amount.


I won't disclosed my bank account number for now. Please use the provided payment methods (Shopee, PayPal, Alipay, and BigPay) to proceed your commission. Many more payment methods will be included later.


As I'm still green in this, that might be have some fault or mistake can happen. I will try to fix it as much as I can to satisfy you but please, keep it logic within the price.

Art Format

My client will get their art up to 500x500 for Icon, and the others in A4 size with bleed at either side of the art, PNG file and raw Clip Studio Paint file, all in a zip file.

Art Usage

Feel free to use it for whatever you want and feel free to credit me if you wanted to. As for me, I just use it for my art galleries in my social media and other platform to gain art commission costumer. But still, for safety, I will ask first.

Terms and Conditions: FAQ
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