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Not like simplified branding icon

Icon here more likely for profile pic or to establish your persona on online venture or YouTube you did.

Icon: Image

Payment options

You will get a zip file full colored of high resolution of variety of dimensions up to 500x500.

  • Deposit - 5 USD

  • Full payment - 10 USD

Note: If you choose "Deposit", you will be issued with invoice onto your name or email later, before you will get the zip file.



This for Malaysians only. You will be redirect to Shopee product page. Choose the option you wanted to commission me carefully there.


​First time sending money with PayPal? Learn more.

Ko-fi also can use PayPal, which is more easier to navigate for payment.


Ko-fi is Patreon alternative which have a commission feature. It is good for anyone with Stripe account, which can use cards and Google Pay. Learn more.

No login required to access Ko-fi.


If you already installed BigPay app, scan the provided QR code and state the payment in the note.



If you have installed Alipay app, scan the provided QR code and state the payment in the note.

After clicking the chosen payment, I assumed you all agree with the terms and conditions to do commission with me.

Icon: Price List
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