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Type of commission I do

You can either click and let this part guide you to the correct type of commission or, you can email me for more info at

Commission: Infographics
Status 057 comm.jpg


Not like simplified branding icon

Icon here more likely for profile pic or to establish your persona on online venture or YouTube you did.




Rather than icon or profile pic, maybe you wanna me to create an art for you. You can start small with just from head-to-chest commission first.

Status 083c02.png



If you don't like just headshot, let's move down bit, right before the knee.

Status 071b.png

Full body

Well... full body

This is suitable for character sheet or maybe you like me to suffer to do full body for your OC or fanart. So go on, choose this one.

Rules to all commission:

  1. No NSFW

  2. No Gore

  3. Furry is okay...

  4. No realistic style (just anime/manga or cartoonish style)

  5. I don't make logo.

  6. Most important of all, please provide me references to the email.

  7. Any request or reply, I will be only using this email:

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